Want another reason to walk more?

The AVA has designed a program that gives you recognition you for event and distance levels achieved.

There are two types of books: an Event Book (in which records are kept of the number of volkssport events in which you participate) and a Distance Book (in which actual numbers of kilometers completed are kept). You may choose to buy one book or the other, but most people buy both books to keep records of both Events and Distance.

The record books are stamped when you complete the events.  Send the completed books to the AVA headquarters, and you'll be sent achievement awards consisting of a patch, pin, and certificate.  

Be sure to purchase your next Distance and Event books before you need it.  Books can be purchased at most events, membership meetings, or the AVA website for a nominal fee.

The New Walker Packet is a real bargain! It's a $19 value for only $5. Learn more about the New Walker Packet.

  • The green Event Book is good for events 1 through 10

  • The blue Distance Book is good for 0 through 500 kilometers

Be sure to write your name and address on both the Event and Distance books.

New Walker Packet

The green Event Book is used to record each event you complete. At the finish, you'll stamp your event book, providing a nice history of when you walked, and where.
Your first event book is good for events 1 through 10, subsequent books hold 20 events.

Event Book: Events 1 through 50

Each blue Distance Book is good for 500 kilometers. Blue books are used until you reach 8,000 kilometers.

Distance Book: Distance 5 to 8,000 K

The Insert Card can be used any time you forget your Event or Distance books.
It can also be used to add entry lines to Distance Books when the entries in the book total less distance than the book is designed for (if you do a lot of 5K walks, for example).

Insert Card

After you have completed around 45 events or so, you should get your next event book. Each purple Event book tracks 25 events per book.

Events 51 through 600

The rose Event Book tracks 50 events per book.

Events 601 through 1,500

Each orange Distance Book tracks 1,000 kilometers per book.

Distance 8,001 through 22,000 K

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