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Members make our mission possible

Through your membership you support our mission to promote and organize noncompetitive fitness activities that encourage lifelong fun, fitness, and friendship for all ages and abilities.

Beyond that, members enjoy meeting new people, are motivated to walk more,  and are notified of special member-only walks and events.

Member Benefits

  • Monthly electronic newsletter.

  • Email alerts about special events, weekend trips, and trips through the Midwest.

  • Printed calendar and guide to events.

  • Opportunities to join organized tours to out of town events such as the AVA National Biennial Conventions.

Select the membership that is right for you.

Individual | $10 One Year

  • Benefits for one named person.

Family | $12 One Year

  • Benefits for multiple named adults and dependents living in the same household.​



Iowa's Walking Club is run by volunteers. The term for the officers runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31.

President. Diana Ronk   515.491.8903 ronkdr@mchsi.com

Vice President. Jan Knock 641.340.0114 knockfamily@gmail.com

Secretary. Barb Stone 515.249.5594 brrbunch@dwx.com

Treasurer. Susan Pinneke 515-277-3653 susanpinneke@gmail.com

Historians. Phyllis Olson and Norma Wessel 515-270-6920 paolson@mchsi.com

Director of Strategic Planning. Nora Hudson 435-640-4982 nhudson@iastate.edu

Director of Programs. Deb Gaskins 515-238-2486 gaskins.deb@gmail.com



Trail Master. Peggy Watts 515-708-0405 peggywatts@mchsi.com 

Newsletter. Diana Ronk 515-491-8903 ronkdr@mchsi.com

Web Site. Susan Pinneke 515-277-3653 susanpinneke@gmail.com and Diana Ronk 515-491-8903 ronkdr@mchsi.com

Alerts. Diana Whited 515-783-5251 diwhited1969@gmail.com


“Formal education teaches how to stand, but to see the rainbow you must come out and walk many steps on your own.”