Iowa's Walking Club promotes physical fitness through noncompetitive sporting events. Our events are designed to help community members have fun, become fit, and make friends. We hope you'll join us!


Upcoming Events

  • Sat, May 15
    Millstream Brau Haus, Amana
    May 15, 12:30 PM
    Millstream Brau Haus, Amana , 741 47th Ave, Amana, IA 52203
    Enjoy a group walk and enjoy socializing with your fellow walkers afterwards
  • Mon, May 17
    May 17, 6:00 PM
    Casey's, 1021 John Wayne Dr, Winterset, IA 50273, USA
    Several movie settings will be along the trail; the courthouse used in "Cold Turkey" and the stone bridge and Northside Cafe used in "The Bridges of Madison County"


Coon Rapids - The walk box for Whiterock Conservancy is in the lower parking lot attached to a kiosk.

Des Moines Capital and Des Moines Waterways – The walk box is at 416 Oak Park Ave Des Moines IA 50313-3018. It is inside a Rubbermaid garden storage box next to the driveway behind the house where walkers can get to it even if no one is home. Remote start. Directions to the Start Point will be provided.

Prairie City – The walk box has moved. Contact Peggy Doane at 515-240-5761 or pjohusker@gmail.com  for directions and stamped insert card.

West Branch - Closed for construction until further notice. 



74 people walked  a total of 144 times, at 13 events in 11 cities.  Walking Week was GDMVA, Iowa’s Walking Club’s 400th event! 

Prizes and Winners

The prize drawing was held in Creston on April 19.

  1.  $25 Gift certificate from Fitness Sports.  – Dan Husmann

  2. Des Moines Botanical Gardens admissions (up to 4). – Lindy Samorajski

  3. Orange water Bottle from Staples in Ames. – Barb Lindstrom

  4. Electronics organizer from Staples in Ames.  – Diana Whited

  5. REI gift bag. – Tim Benton

  6. First aid kit from Image Solutions. – Rebecca Hillmer

  7. Sierra Club Socks donated by Paws & Effects. – SK Prophet

  8. 2022 GDMVA, Iowa’s Walking Club Membership. – Margaret Stoffregen

  9. REI gift bag. – Carol Bogan

  10. 2 Free 2021 GDMVA walks, seasonal, year around or event. – Jean Larson

  11. Stainless steel travel mug from Image Solutions. – Ardith Ortgies

  12. Eddie Bauer Socks donated by Paws & Effects. – Deb Gaskins

  13. Iowa counties mask & hand sanitizer. – Rex Humke

  14. 2 Free 2021 GDMVA walks, seasonal, year around or event. – Jan Knock

  15. REI gift bag. – Sandy Spaulding



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Memberships are for 12 months from Jan 1 to Dec 31.
From Aug 31-Dec 31, you automatically are registered for the following year.