• A year round event is available nearly the entire calendar year.

  • A seasonal event is available only for a limited time, as noted.

County                                        City                                            Description                            

Polk                                        Altoona                                  Enabling Garden                 

Iowa                                       Amana                                    National Historick Landmark            

Story                                      Ames                                       ISU Neighborhood and Gardens      

Boone                                   Boone                                    History and Trains               

Des Moines                          Burlington                              Snake Alley and River          4/1-10/31

Appanoose                          Centerville                             National Register of Historic Places 4/1-10/31

Carrol and Guthrie              Coon Rapids                           Whiterock Conservancy     4/1-12/31

Union                                    Creston                                  Park to Park Trail                   4/1-10/31

Scott                                      Davenport                             Art, History, and the Mississippi      

Winneshiek                           Decorah                                   Exploring Northeast Iowa 5/1-10/15

Polk                                        Des Moines                           Easter Lake Covered Bridge                4/1-12/31

Polk                                       Des Moines                           Beaverdale Architecture   

Polk                                       Des Moines                            Capitol Grounds and Memorials      

Polk                                       Des Moines                            Waterways                            

Dubuque                              Dubuque                                Downtown and Mississippi River     4/1-10/31

Lee and Van Buren              Farmington                            Shimek State Forest Preserve            5/1-10/15

Allamakee                            Harpers Ferry                          Effigy Mounds                       5/1-10/15

Warren                                  Indianola                                 Annett Nature Center and Park        4/1-10/31

Boone                                   Madrid                                     High Trestle Bridge Trail     4/1-12/31

Cerro Gordo                        Mason City                             Frank Lloyd Wright              4/1-12/31

Linn                                       Mount Vernon                        Palisades-Kepler State Park                5/1-10/15

Marion                                  Pella                                         Dutch Heritage Walk          

Jasper                                   Prairie City                              Neal Smith National Wildlife Center              

Howard                                 Riceville                                   Reclaimed Railroad Trail    4/1-10/31

Dickenson                             Spirit Lake                               Iowa Great Lakes                  4/1-10/31

Cedar                                    West Branch                          Hoover Presidential Site   

Madison                                Winterset                               Madison Covered Bridges



Walking with a group increases the fun!

A traditional event happens on one day only.  Traditional events often attract people from further away to take advantage of the limited availability.

A group walk (G.W.) follows a year round or seasonal event route, but we meet to walk together on a specific day and time. 

When                    Where                                              Description

Fri, Jan 1              West Des Moines                          New Year’s Day Traditional Event

Sat, Feb 13          Des Moines                                    Downtown Skywalk Traditional Event

Sat, Mar 20         Des Moines                                    St Patrick’s Day Beaverdale

Sat, Apr 17          Creston                                            Meeting and G.W.

Sat, Apr 24          Des Moines                                    Earth Day – Waterways

Sat, May 1           Pella                                                  Tulip preview

Sat, May 15         Amana                                             Annual Meeting

Sat, Jun 5             Winterset                                        Airing of the quilts

Mon, Jun 21        Altoona                                           Meeting

Jun 26-Jul 3         Madison WI                                    Biennial Convention

Mon, Jul 19         Des Moines Easter Lake                Meeting and G.W.

Fri, Jul 23             Madrid                                             High Trestle Bridge

Tues, Aug 3         Ames                                                National Night Out

Sat, Aug 7            Prairie City                                      Bison Day G.W.

Sat, Aug 21          Davenport                                      Meeting and G.W.

Sun, Sept 5           Essex                                             150th Year Celebration Traditional Event *NEW*

Mon, Sept 20     Indianola                                         Meeting and G.W.

Sat, Sept 18        Des Moines                                    Downtown Breweries Traditional Event

Sat, Sept 25        Centerville                                      Pancake Day

Sat, Oct 2             Davenport                                      From Schuetzenpark to Sunderbrook T.E.

Sat, Oct 9             Granger                                           Walk for Wildlife Traditional Event

Sat, Oct 16          Coon Rapids                                   Meeting and G.W.

Sat, Nov 13         Des Moines                                    Veteran’s Day G.W.

Fri, Nov 26           Boone                                              #Opt outside G.W.

Upcoming Events


We have a walk in every colored counties-sometimes more than one!

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Wednesday, June 9, Fort Des Moines Park, 7200 SE 5th, Des Moines – We’ll meet at 5:30PM in the parking area by shelter 1 to walk.  Bring your picnic, we plan to relax and enjoy our picnic after walking. 

Tuesday, June 15, Forest Avenue Library, 1326 Forest Ave, Des Moines – We’ll meet at 4:30PM in the library parking lot to explore the trees of Evelyn Davis Park.

Questions (or to volunteer to lead a walk) contact Susan Pinneke at susanpinneke@gmail.com or 515-423-8437 (call or text)