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  • About is general information about the club, meetings, and officers. 

  • Wednesday Walks describes our weekday walking program.

  • Events are the meat of our club. We organize walks, bike rides, weekend trips and longer travel.

    • Special Events is the one to visit when you have your calendar out and are dreaming of adventures in the Iowa. This page is updated often, so you will want to keep coming back. You can also add your email address to receive timely email alerts for walks that are happening in a few days.

    • Traditional and Year Round Events lists the walks that are not only sponsored by the Iowa’s Walking Club but also can be done any day of the year (well, almost, in most cases). Just get to the starting point, sign in, grab a copy of the directions, and take the walk!

    • 20 Walks, 20 Counties, 20 Parks

  • Walking for Credit explains the ins and outs of the AVA Incentive program. Go here if you've ever wondered what walking for "credit" really means.

    • New Walker Packet explains why you want one, what is in one, ad how you get one!

    • Awards explains the award system and shows examples of the pins and patches that walkers can earn.

  • Membership has the information needed to join the Iowa’s Walking Club, photos of our members, and a call to arms:  volunteers are welcomed! The link to the membership application form is on this page (individual or family).

  • Newsletters has links to past newsletters from the Iowa’s Walking Club.

  • Glossary is especially important for newcomers to volkssporting. There are numerous terms and phrases that are used in the fun-filled world of volkssporting and some folks are afraid to ask. When you hear or read a term you don't understand, this page is for you. If the glossary is missing a term, here’s an email link to request inclusion of the missing term.

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