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A guide to this website

  • Home has current updates and information about upcoming events and weekday walks.

  • About is general information about the club. 

  • Walks are the meat of our club. We organize walks, weekend trips and longer travel.​

  • Meetings gives the calendar and minutes for member meetings.

  • Newsletters has links to past newsletters from the Iowa’s Walking Club.

  • Walking for Credit explains how you can earn awards for walking. Go here if you've ever wondered what walking for "credit" really means.

    • New Walker Packet explains why you want one, what is in one, ad how you get one!

    • Awards explains the award system and shows examples of the pins and patches that walkers can earn.

  • Glossary is especially important for newcomers to volkssporting. There are numerous terms and phrases that are used in the fun-filled world of volkssporting and some folks are afraid to ask. When you hear or read a term you don't understand, this page is for you. If the glossary is missing a term, here’s an email link to request inclusion of the missing term.

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